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Welcome to Bluebird Airways!

Bluebird Airways operates flights to Tel Aviv. We also fly to numerous other destinations in Europe and Greece such as sunny Crete‚ exquisite Vienna‚ enchanting Kos‚ and many more.

We fly direct. Our prices are low and our standards are high.

Our flights to Tel Aviv are direct in our Boeing 737. Our professional team of cabin crew will make sure you’ll feel at ease during the flight‚ from takeoff to landing. We depart from Terminal 3 in Tel Aviv airport.

Our reputation is based on your safety‚ enjoyment and care - and our high quality teams are dedicated to making sure you’ll be smiling from the first moment you come on board.

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Celebrate life: Welcome to Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv is a city that celebrates life. You can see it in every street corner‚ in every cafe‚ on the beach‚ in the restaurants. People walk around with a smile on their face and a zest for life like you’ve never seen before. That’s the reason that Tel Aviv is one of the party capitals of the middle east‚ with a vibe that just screams “freedom”. At first sight this modest looking city is nothing special‚ but if you look underneath the surface‚ you’ll find out that Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. Once you’ll visit it‚ you’ll keep it in your heart forever.

It's close "sister"‚ Jaffa‚ is connected to Tel Aviv by walking on the beach boulevard. In Jaffa you’ll witness the beauty of the historic part of the area as Jaffa is one of the world’s first port cities dating back to 1500 BC. You’ll enjoy mysterious paths‚ beautiful buildings‚ wonderful food‚ artist markets‚ unique little shops‚ and a special atmosphere of old meets new. These contrasts are what makes Tel Aviv - Jaffa an adventure for those who seek sun‚ beaches‚ historic cities and modern flair all in one.

Tel Aviv is also known by architects around the world as “The White City” for its abundance of unique Bauhaus style houses build in the 1930s‚ attracting visitors for walking tours for decades. However‚ the architecture isn't the most exciting part about it. It's the street musicians‚ the colours‚ the juice bars‚ the food stands‚ the markets‚ the beach‚ the hipster cafes‚ the boutique shops‚ the secret pubs‚ the sexy bars‚ the incredible restaurants‚ the shopping streets‚ the artists‚ the luxury shops‚ and the never ending variety of people‚ languages‚ smells and laughter that fills the air. Everything is always happening in Tel Aviv‚ the city keeps a secret that you’d like to find out.

If you’re looking for an adventure that celebrates the good things in life‚ go to Tel Aviv and see what a city that never stops does to your heart and soul.