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In case your baggage is missing‚ damaged or delayed‚ you can file a report upon arrival at your destination.

  • Visit the “Baggage Claim” or “Lost and Found” desk in the transit area‚ where you will be requested to fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)
  • Blue Bird Airways will not accept responsibility‚ if no report is filed
  • Blue Bird Airways will not be liable for baggage misidentified by another passenger – all cost is the liability of the passenger involved
  • If your baggage was damaged but it was impossible to recognize the damage of your baggage upon arrival‚ you can report it at the airport within seven days of after your arrival


Once you file the report‚ it will be sent to us by the destination airport.

In case your luggage is missing – we will do our best to find it and to coordinate with you the delivery of the baggage once it is found.

Please note that in case of a delay‚ Blue Bird assumes no liability for the delay in delivery of and/or destruction of perishable items especially food and/or liquids.

Any fees and/or penalties that the respective airport security and/or air­port customs might impose to the airline in connection to your luggage‚ will be legally claimed from the passenger.

Unsuitably and/or inadequately packed items and/or baggages with perishable items will be accepted at the Carrier’s discretion and‚ where accepted‚ if they are delayed or destroyed‚ compen­sation may and will be denied as a result of the aforementioned factors. 

If the baggage is not found within 21 days of reporting it at the destination airport‚ Blue Bird Airways will be liable for loss‚ according to the applicable law and our service department will contact you.

To return mishandled baggage to its owner as soon as possible‚ all baggage items must be marked with the passenger's name‚ initials and address before check-in.


In case of damage - we take liability for damage in the following ways:

  • if the baggage was unsuitably packed‚ liability will be reduced
  • Blue Bird assumes no liability for minor damages including but not limited to minor scratches‚ nicks and scuffs‚ minor stains‚ damage to wheels and/or their bases‚ zippers‚ locks of all kind and damage caused as a result of normal wear and tear‚ overweight or over packing.
  • Blue Bird assumes no liability for damage to carry-on baggage which was not reported on board or before leaving the transit area


You can address us regarding missing or damaged baggage here (by selecting "Report missing or damaged baggage").

To help us process your claim quickly‚ please enclose a copy of the filed report.