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Going to a ski vacation? Planning to take your bike with you? All the information you need before flying with your sporting equipment is here.



Passengers who fly with sporting equipment must provide at least 7 days prior notice  (download the Sport equipment & Special Items Check List) before the travel date at‚ in order to pre-book it and provide further information about the equipment and its dimensions.

If passengers fail to pre-book‚ Blue Bird Airways reserves the right to refuse to carry the equipment during check in with no legal or financial liability towards them.



It is obligatory to insure the sports equipment for their full replacement value as Blue Bird Airways does not accept any liability in case they are damaged or lost.

Blue Bird Airways will accept all below sports items with a limited release tag (to be signed at check-in)‚ releasing Blue Bird Airways of any legal or financial liability.



As a general rule all equipment should be fully enclosed in a hard shell container specifically designed for shipping. This special packing‚ which should be supplied by the passenger‚ is required to protect both the equipment as well as to prevent them from damaging other baggage.

Before the flight‚ please ensure that the equipment is securely packed with all zip compartments padlocked.



Sport Equipment Charges are classified according to their weight and/or length‚ whichever is more restrictive‚ into following 3 distinct categories: 

SMALL Sport Equipment (Up to 15kgs and/or 1.40m) – 60

Camping Equipment

Consisting of 1 tent‚ 2 sleeping bags & camping accessories. Stoves and canisters will not be accepted onboard as well as no fuel sources (gas‚ fluid) accepted.

Alpinist equipment

1 backpack‚ 1 ice pick‚ 1 pair of climbing iron

Bowling equipment

1 bowling bag‚ 1 bowling ball‚ 1 pair of shoes


1 golf bag containing one set of golf clubs‚ golf balls‚ tees and 1 pair of golf shoes (even if in a separate bag

Fishing equipment

1 tackle box or 1 haversack or 1 angler’s basket‚ 1 rod‚ 1 bag or 1 box


1 set of javelin equipment packed in one container

Scuba/skin diving equipment

1 diving mask‚ snorkel‚ fins‚ wetsuit‚ BCD-jacket‚ regulator‚ 1 empty tank bottle‚ 1 lamp (switched off‚ energy source separately packed‚ removed battery protected against short circuit The air or oxygen supply bottles (included spare bottles) must be completely empty‚ which will be required to be demonstrated during check-in by opening the valve and leave the valve open throughout the journey.


1 pair of ski‚ 1 pair of poles‚ 1 pair of boots (even if in separate bag)‚ 1 helmet


1 snowboard‚ 1 pair of boots (even if in separate bag)‚ 1 helmet


1 board‚ 1 set of body protection (knee‚ arms‚ etc.)‚ 1 helmet

Tennis/ Squash/ Badminton

1 set of rackets and balls packed in 1 bag

Water Ski

1 pair of water ski or 1 slalom water ski

MEDIUM Sport Equipment (15-32kgs and/or 1.41-2m) – 90


1 regular bike (no motor‚ no e-bike) or 1 special children’s trolley to use with a bike or 1 one-wheel bike.
In preparation for travel‚ we require to use a bicycle bag‚ the handlebars must be turned inwards‚ the tyres deflated and pedals removed.
It is strongly recommended that this item must be wrapped in plastic or cardboard for transportation

Body Board

1 board

Hang Glider

1 set of hang gliding equipment packed in 1 container

Kite board/ Wake board

1 kite‚ 1 board / 1 board (up to 2m)


1 set of Parachute Equipment packed in 1 container


1 board (up to 2m

Wave board

1 board‚ 1 set of body protection (knee‚ arms‚ etc.)‚ 1 helmet

LARGE Sport Equipment (15-32kgs and/or over 2m) – 140

Canoe / Kayak

1 canoe or 1 kayak (no motor attached)

Vaulting Pole

1 set of vaulting poles packed in 1 container


1 board‚ 1 sail‚ 1 boom‚ 1 mast‚ 1 gear bag



  • Rates apply per direction.
  • If sports equipment can be found in the below list‚ then the respective special charge from the charges table shall be paid. Otherwise‚ if the sports equipment cannot be found on the list‚ then the normal excess baggage rates shall be applied
  • In case check in agent will measure the sport equipment and according to dimensions/weight is over or under the category in the List of Sport Equipment table‚ the charge will be according to dimensions/weight and NOT according to the table