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What type of carry-ons are free of charge? What type of carry-ons are allowed on board? What is the maximum weight and size of a checked baggage? We gathered here all the important information you need to know before your flight regarding checked baggage‚ carry-on baggage‚ special items and everything in between.


PERSONAL ITEM (free of charge) 

Each passenger can bring on board – free of charge‚ ONE (1) PERSONAL ITEM:

  Please note:

  • Arriving at the airport with any item which is not considered as a Personal Item and was not purchased in advance will be charged (additional fee is changed per destination and per piece).
  • Personal items which do not fit under the seat will be charged.
  • Duty free items might be considered as personal item and will be included in the personal free-of-charge allowance.

CARRY-ON / CHECKED-IN ITEMS (with additional fee)

A carry-on bag (such as Trolley or large backpack)‚ a suitcase‚ and any item which cannot be considered as Personal Item does not included in the flight ticket and needs to be purchased in separate.


Please note:

  • Any item which does not considered as a personal item will be charged according to its size and weight. 
  • Pre-order of luggage online is allowed up to 5 hours before the flight. Please check your luggage size and weight before arrival at the airport‚ in order to avoid any extra charges and unnecessary delay.
  • Arriving at the airport with luggage with dimensions and weights higer than indicated on the ticket will be charged with extra fee (70€ / 260 NIS instead of 30€/40€ for Checked-In baggage and 25€ / 100 NIS instead of 16€ for Carry-On Bag). 
  • Due to the limited capacity of the overhead bins‚ your carry-on (trolley) might be sent to the aircraft hold. In such a case‚ and if your trolley contains valuable items (such as laptop)‚ you will be asked to take them out and to carry them with you on board separately.
  • Blue Bird Airways reserves the right to change luggage rates from time to time‚ at its sole discretion. The prevailing rate it the rate on the date of payment for the service
  • Subject to the provisions of the law‚ in the event of cancellation/change of the additional services after purchase‚ no refund will be given‚ and the passenger will be charged in full for ordering such services.



Please click here for all you need to know about adding luggage for existing reservation.


To avoid any issues or delay at the airport and to ensure the safety of the flight‚ please review the list of Dangerous Goods and Restricted Items and Liquids and Food Allowance.


INFANTS AND TODDELRS                                          

Blue Bird Airways accept strollers of any regular size and weight free of charge‚ when traveling with an infant or a toddler. Please note that strollers are not accepted as carry-on items‚ and therefore will be taken upon boarding (at the entrance of the aircraft) and will be return upon arrival.

Passengers flying with a baby (up to 2 years old) are also allowed to bring (free of charge) a diaper bag (not exceeding the size 40 x 30 x 20 cm and up to 5kg).

Car seats or Booster seats will be charged as additional luggage. 







21 kg – 32 kg

8€/32NIS (extra kg)

Extra Piece

First piece up to 20Kg


Second piece up to 20Kg


Third piece up to 20Kg

120€ / 445NIS

Fourth piece max 20Kg



overall dimensions (length + width + height) 158 - 203 cm

Up to 20Kg


Up to 32Kg


() Extra charges for flights departure from TLV will be charged in NIS‚ extra charges for all other flights will be charged in Euro.


Blue Bird Airways informs all travelling passengers that‚ subject to applicable law‚ it ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR:

  • Minor scratches‚ nicks and scuffs‚ minor stains‚ handle damage of all kind and their mechanisms‚ wheels and/or their bases‚ scratches‚ zippers‚ pull straps‚ locks of all kind‚ minor cuts and dents‚ pockets‚ feet‚ stitches‚ internal frame structure and any kind of attached items caused by the transportation of the baggage on the belts or in the aircraft hold‚ missing brand labels and damages caused as a result of normal wear and tear‚ overweight or over packing.
  • All baggage tagged as “Limited Release” (including baby strollers) unless they are securely folded wrapped in their original shipping packaging when delivered either to the check-in or to the Aircraft.
  • Damage to fragile‚ valuable where such damage is the result of the inherent defect‚ quality or vice of the item in question.
  • The delay in delivery of and/or destruction of baggage that contain any perishable items especially food and/or liquids. Any fees and/or penalties that the respective airport security and/or airport customs might impose to the airline will be legally claimed from the passenger.
  • Unsuitably and/or inadequately packed items and/or baggage with perishable items will be accepted at the Carrier’s discretion and‚ where accepted‚ if they are delayed or destroyed‚ compensation may and will be denied as a result of the aforementioned factors.